Everything You Need To Enjoy The Enchanting Guitar Sounds of the Bossa Nova 

Go from a Bossa "zero to hero" as you learn the rhythmic, harmonic and conceptual nuts and bolts of the Bossa Nova with: step-by-step instruction, detailed guitar tabs, exercises, drills and fun songs to play! From the "simple Bossa" pattern to Bossa Nova chord melody arrangements and beyond!

What you'll get:

  • All the juicy jazzy bossa chords you need to play REAL bossa nova AND HOW TO USE THEM
  • How to read chord diagrams, a crucial skill
  • The simple system for memorizing the notes on the fretboard: know WHERE to put these chords when you see them on a lead sheet
  • Coordination drills for the right and let hands to get you on the right track BEFORE you start playing the bossa
  • Learn what syncopation is and how to achieve it with your BODY
  • Understand the quintessential Latin music concept of anticipation
  • Learn a fool-proof system to memorize the notes on the fretboard
  • More complex Brazlian guitar ideas including the 3/4 Bossa and Samba rhythms
  • Improvise and create your own Bossa variations
  • How to decipher lead sheets and find the chords the sheet is asking for
  • Get your fingers around some essential Bossa chord progressions you'll use in TONS of Bossa music

Scot Taber

Hi I'm Scot Taber, guitar instructor, professional guitarist and founder of The Versatile Guitarist. I'm an evangelist for the nylon string guitar and all of it's styles. Let me take you on a journey from the ground up where we finally understand the fundamental elements of the Bossa Nova and set ourselves up for a lifetime of enjoyment playing this awesome guitar style. I've got syncopation exercises, a foolproof method for memorizing the fretboard (so you know where and why to place these great Bossa chords!), how to achieve anticipation (a Latin rhythm staple), improvisation and variation, more complex Bossa patterns, chords and more - all culminating in a beautiful Bossa Nova solo guitar chord melody arrangement.

What's In The Course?

Take a look at all the lessons in the Bossa Nova course, covering technique, rhythmic concepts music theory and much more:

MODULE 1 – Fundamental Techniques

  • How to use the Thumb for Bossa Nova
  • Bossa Nova Block Chords
  • Our First Bossa Nova Chords
  • Now We're Ready to Dive in!

MODULE 2 – Bossa Nova Basics

  • What is Syncopation?
  • Playing the "Simple Bossa"
  • Alternating Bass
  • NEW Bossa Chords
  • The Full Bossa Nova Pattern in 5 Easy Steps
  • The Minor 9th Chord
  • Conclusion: What's Next?

MODULE 3 – Beyond the Basics

  • Memorizing the Fretboard
  • 2 Chords per Measure
  • The Two-Bar Bossa Pattern
  • Anticipation
  • An Essential Bossa Nova Chord Progression: the MAJOR Key ii V I 
  • An Essential Bossa Nova Chord Progression: the MINOR Key ii V I 
  • Module 3 Conclusion

MODULE 4 – Advanced Bossa Concepts

  • Legato vs Staccato in Bossa Nova
  • Using ALL Fingers for an Instant SAMBA
  • The Bossa Nova Waltz
  • Adding Melody Notes to a Bossa
  • Adding Bass Note Phrases to a Bossa
  • A Bossa Improvisation Challenge
  • More COMPLEX Bossa Chords
  •  Playing ALL The Chords for the Girl from Ipanema
  • Playing a Bossa Nova Chord Melody of Autumn Leaves
  • Autumn Leaves Bossa Chord Melody FULL Performance
  • Module 4 Conclusion and Practice Tips

MODULE 5 – Course Play-Along Videos

  • 21 Bossa Basics Play Along Videos and Tabs
  • Autumn Leaves Bossa Chord Melody Play-Along

MODULE 6 – BONUS Practice Aids and Learning Materials

  • Bonus drills and exercises to hone your Bossa skills 



This is a guitar-focused progressive courses for LINEAR LEARNING with step-by-step instruction and multimedia learning aids. Learn from the ground up and plug in any gaps in your knowledge.


The 75-page Bossa Basics & Beyond Workbook gives you fully-notated exercises and drills from the course and PDF guides like my "5 Steps to the Bossa" and "Memorizing the Fretboard" will supplement your learning as you go.


Make sure you're doing each and every exercise and song correctly! Each lesson comes with scrolling play-along tablature videos with built-in metronome to ensure you're playing the right thing at the right time. It's guitar tabs come to life! Slow down or speed up each tab video according to your comfort level!

Bossa Basics and Beyond


Lifetime Access

  • Step by Step Video Lessons
  • PDF Guides and Guitar Tabs
  • 75-page Course Workbook
  • Practice Play-Along Tracks for Mastery
  • Bonus Bossa Learning Material and Songs!


If you aren’t completely satisfied with your Bossa Nova Basics and Beyond, let me know within the first 30-days for a full refund. No questions asked.