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If you're intrigued by the beauty and versatility of the nylon string guitar, you've come to the right place.

The musical possibilities are endless when you get a few key techniques under your fingers - and before you know it you're strumming an age old flamenco form, plucking the tender jazz chords of a bossa nova, performing a classical masterpiece, or thrilling your friends with some Spanish guitar improvisation.

My Versatile Guitarist Academy monthly membership gives you access to courses, tutorials, guitar tabs, monthly meetups and learning materials you can't find anywhere else. You get the best in linear learning with progressive guitar courses and for non-linear learners you can dive into tutorials on any topic, technique, concept or song and start playing and learning right away.

Life is too short to keep playing the same boring drills over and over. Let me show you how to play efficiently and most importantly PLAY FUN SONGS!




Learn all aspects of nylon string playing at your own pace. You'll get:

  • Clear¬†and in-depth instruction
  • Constant discovery of new songs and styles
  • Multimedia practice materials
  • Personalized feedback and help in the Community
  • Access to monthly meetups and challenges

It’s time to transform your guitar playing and grow as a musician like never before.


Focused and progressive courses for LINEAR LEARNING with step-by-step instruction and multimedia learning aids. Learn from the ground up and plug in any gaps in your knowledge.


Dive into any topic, song, or technique you like with tutorials for NON-LINEAR LEARNING. From mini-courses on specific guitar techniques to practical guidance on music theory & improvisation and of course tons of fun songs to play - all with a nylon string focus.


Play with ease with carefully notated sheet music for guitar in standard notation and tablature for EVERY course, tutorial, and drill in the membership. Includes my ever-growing database of guitar songs the Ultimate Guitar Tab Treasure Trove 


Stop playing songs the wrong way! All lessons and sheet music PDFs come with scrolling play-along tablature videos with built-in metronome to ensure you're playing the right thing at the right time. Slow down or speed up each tab video according to your comfort level!


Get inspiration and feedback from other members who are on the same journey as you. Ask a question, share your wins, or just connect with other like-minded guitarists. And no matter where you are in the membership, you can always ask a question or make a comment inside of the learning product for easy communication. I'm here to help!  


Join other members for monthly Guitar Gatherings where we ask questions, see what other members are working on, and even perform for instant feedback and support.

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I fell in love with the nylon string guitar longer ago than I'd like to admit. I've also been teaching and performing for ages, but somehow I wake up every day passionate about sharing my knowledge.

If you've been playing guitar for years, you may be in a rut, but that doesn't mean you have to stay there. And if you're just starting out, I'd love to save you thousands of hours of wasted practice time. 

Join me on a journey of musical discovery, technical development, and ever-increasing confidence on the best instrument ever invented!

"Scot's knowledge and skill with a guitar are unparalleled. As a coach he has helped guide me towards a greater understanding of music in general as well as getting me able to play some of my favorite classical and flamenco jams."

Ben Sullins

"The Ultimate Nylon String Guitar Guide is fantastic. It progressively teaches techniques and key concepts while being easy to follow and entertaining. This should seriously be considered by anyone wishing to elevate their nylon string guitar skills!"

Tom Ingwers



There’s no denying that I lean very heavily in the direction of nylon string playing - after all I have been using these techniques ever since I started performing for flamenco dancers when I was in high school - so my experience teaching and performing has given me a unique perspective on this type of playing. My main mission is to convince the world of the versatility of the nylon string guitar, and for that reason you’ll find most of my material in the membership to be nylon string-oriented (although in a great many styles, from rock to renaissance music). But there is plenty here that pick players can benefit from, most notably my Gypsy Jazz Starter Kit, a course that walks you through the essentials of this pick-driven style. So if you’re a nylon string player looking for a site to learn stuffy, boring classical pieces, this is NOT the membership for you. I appreciate the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and Hank Williams as much as I do J.S. Bach - as you’ll see.


Most of my members have had some experience with the guitar before learning with me. However, my learners really do cover the spectrum from those who have just started playing nylon string guitar to advanced guitarists who are already professional musicians. While the majority of members fall somewhere in the intermediate range, I make a point of including material and presenting my lessons in a way that all students can benefit from. 


So whether you're already a nylon string guitar enthusiast or a "dabbler" who's played with a pick but is intrigued by the nylon string guitar, this membership is definitely for you!

What can you expect from my membership?

The Versatile Guitarist Academy is all about getting you playing, making new discoveries, and having fun. The more fun you have, the more motivated you will be. You can follow my guided paths to reach your musical goals, or you can delve into any material at any time. No matter which path you choose, you can count on three things:

Form & Technique

All my lessons and courses are packed with technique information and guidance. I can help you play efficiently and effortlessly and save you hundreds of hours of pointless practice time in the process.

Diverse Instruction

We’ll mix it up: new and different genres, different techniques and concepts, and songs and styles from all over the world. Don't get stuck with only way of playing - mix it up!


Reach your own personal musical goals on your own schedule. Focus on learning new songs or work on developing your technique and get guidance on your progress as you go.

Membership means unlimited  access

Ready to start your journey at your own pace and on your own terms? Join the Versatile Guitarist Academy as a monthly member and enjoy unlimited access to all my guitar resources. And I add great new content each and every month! Learn what you want to learn on your own schedule from your phone or computer anytime!


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  • Access to ALL courses including the Ultimate Nylon String Guitar Guide
  • Access to the Ultimate Guitar Tab Treasure Trove
  • Printable sheet music PDFs and guides
  • Play-along videos playable across all devices from mobile to desktop
  • Personal feedback and support
  • Direct Access to ME in my online Community



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  • Access to ALL courses including the Ultimate Nylon String Guitar Guide
  • Access to the Ultimate Guitar Tab Treasure Trove
  • Printable sheet music PDFs and guides
  • Play-along videos playable across all devices from mobile to desktop
  • Personal feedback and support
  • Direct Access to ME in my online Community

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Get All These Guitar Courses and More:

  • The Ultimate Nylon String Guitar Guide
  • Bossa Basics and Beyond: A full course with 70+ learning and practice videos 75-page PDF guide and much more
  • Autumn Leaves Solo Chord Melody
  • Pica Pica: Learn a fantastic South American Waltz from the ground up
  • B√©same Mucho: Building Your Own Solo Guitar Arrangement¬†
  • Gypsy Jazz Starter Kit
  • Allegro Classical Guitar Study Step-by-Step
  • Zambra: Play an Arabic Dance on Solo Guitar
  • Sabor a M√≠: Building a Solo Guitar Arrangement
  • The Rumba: Songs, Techniques and Strategies
  • The Picado Technique: a collection of tutorials, drills and strategies for mastering this quintessentially Spanish guitar technique
  • Holiday Classics: an ever-growing collection of Christmas and Holiday songs arranged for solo guitar, includes play-along practice videos for mastery¬†
  • Cuban Dance: A Rumba for Intermediate and Advanced Guitarists
  • Norwegian Wood: Play a Strumming-Based Chord Melody of a classic Beatles song Spanish Guitar Style
  • The Tremolo Technique
  • Travis Picking for Nylon Strings
  • Farruca: Your Entryway to Flamenco
  • The Waltz: A Collection of Rhythm Drills and Song¬†Tutorials
  • Gypsy Jazz for Nylon String Guitar
  • Tangos - An Essential Flamenco Form
  • Famous Riffs on Nylon String Guitar
  • The CAGED System Explained
  • 12 Key Scale Challenge
  • Improvisation Loops and Tutorials
  • and more!