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Learn how to play the flamenco form Farruca with step-by-step guidance and demonstrations of this exciting Spanish guitar form in various keys. If you're just getting started with flamenco, Farruca is the BEST form to start with!


The Picado Technique - Lesson Collection

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  • The Picado Technique - full course of 20+ video lessons and play-along tracks with downloadable PDFs featuring:

◯ An introduction to picado to get you started  with this fundamental technique CORRECTLY and efficiently

◯ How to use the concept of planting for accuracy and speed

◯ The TOP 5 Picado Mistakes and how to fix them - get the proper guidance regarding hand and wrist position relaxation, and more as you learn from my decades of teaching and performing this technique 

3 Famous Picado Runs for Speed and Dexterity where I teach you practical real examples by three iconic flamenco guitarists (includes tabs and play-alongs)

3 Backward Picado Runs for technique mastery chosen from pieces by Paco Peńa, Juan Martín and Moraito with full tabs and play-alongs

◯ The "Slip Finger Picado" where we break a few of the "rules" of Picado to gain extra speed, and to solve a specific problem we often have with this technique. Comes with a full original fully notated exercise with play-alongs

How to Combine Picado and Arpeggio Techniques. Some of the most fun things to play on nylon string guitar are combinations of techniques, particularly Picado and Arpeggio. Here we drill down on this great combination with original exercises - and a little music theory lesson thrown in!  

Bonus Picado Drills - more exercise PDFs (in addition to all of the tabs you get in this lesson collection) to perfect this technique: Combinations, variations, alternation and string crossing drills to keep you developing. Includes "5 Variations on the Best Guitar Technique Exercise Ever"

◯ And more!

  • Picado Kickstarter PDF Guide
  • Play-Along Practice Videos 
  • Full notated guitar tabs


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