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Add Farruca - Your Entryway Into Flamenco for $25

Learn how to play the flamenco form Farruca with step-by-step guidance and demonstrations of this exciting Spanish guitar form in various keys. If you're just getting started with flamenco, Farruca is the BEST form to start with!

Learn everything you need to play a beautiful and fun South American waltz

What you'll get:

  • Waltz rhythm and technique tutorial

  • A complete breakdown of the melody and the chords separately to prepare for a full solo arrangement

  • Preparatory drills for each section and element of Pica Pica

  • Learn the "vertical hemiola" idea 

  • Full solo guitar arrangement tutorials measure by measure

  • "Workaround" ideas to simplify problem areas

  • Embellishments and variations for more experienced guitarists

  • Downloadable PDFs in guitar tablature and standard notation of all drills, exercises, and the full solo arrangement

  • Play along practice videos with scrolling tablature and metronome

PLUS - A quiz to test your learning and comprehension!