The Treasure Trove: My Curated Database of Guitar Sheet Music

Dive into a wealth of guitar music! Heavily weighted toward nylon string solo guitar arrangements (classical, flamenco, latin jazz, fingerstyle), in this database you will find everything from rock and metal to folk and country guitar tablature and beyond!


Are you tired of scouring the Internet looking for guitar tabs, only to find terribly notated sheet music that is incorrect? 

My constantly updated master compilation of guitar tabs is the culmination of years of work notating, fingering, editing, arranging and perfecting these songs so that you can read and play them as easily and painlessly as possible. From latin jazz to classical, flamenco, pop, folk and more, each PDF comes with an incredibly helpful scrolling tablature play-along video with metronome to help you get the most out of your practice time!

Guitar Sheet Music You Can't Find Anywhere Else

Discover New Music Without The Hassle

With My Guitar Tab Treasure Trove You Can:

  • Find songs appropriate to your playing level, from beginner to advanced.
  • Hear the song played first before you start learning it and decide if it's a song you want to play without struggling with reading music.
  • Entertain yourself and your friends by playing some of the most beautiful music in the world.
  • Eliminate frustrating guesswork with tons of very well-notated and clear guitar sheet music - with helpful fingerings for right and left hands to guide you! 

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

You can build your own repertoire of wide ranging solo guitar music and keep yourself interested in learning and performing for your friends and family with a one-stop-shopping collection of music that keeps growing as you learn.


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The Ultimate Guitar Tab Treasure Trove

Looking For Better Songs To Play That Keep You Interested And Motivated?

I've spent several decades performing and teaching some of the most incredible music in the world from all genres. Take advantage of my experience and comprehensive repertoire by exploring my collection on your own time and at your own pace.

You’ll get:

  • High quality and easy to read transcriptions that take the guesswork out of approaching a new song.
  • Play-along guide videos for every guitar tab to keep you on track. LEARN IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME with no sight-reading necessary!
  • Continual musical discovery as you play songs from around the world from the ancient to contemporary in virtually every style.

From the haunting Recuerdos de la Alhambra and the world's first tango La Paloma to La Vie en Rose and Ring of Fire, no style of music is off-limits in my fingerstyle guitar universe!

What's Included In This Ever-Expanding Guitar Tab Collection


Bach, Tárrega, Carcassi, Albeñiz, Barrios, Renaissance, Spanish Classical and More

The genre Classical Guitar encompasses much more than simply the Classical musical period. – we're talking about Renaissance music, Baroque, and a lot of music from the Romantic Period (those Spanish guitar favorites!), and much more. Here you'll find my painstakingly notated versions of the classical guitar studies of Sor, Carcassii, Giuliani, and Aguado as well as engaging music to play at all skill levels.

  • Some of the most famous and celebrated Spanish guitar pieces, from Francisco Tárrega's Recuerdos de la Alhambra, Adelita and Lágrima to Isaac Albeńiz's Leyenda, the all-time classic guitar piece Romanza, among many others
  • Beautiful technique studies by the fathers of classical guitar: Fernando Sor, Matteo Carcassi, Mauro Giuliani, Dionisio Aguado, Fernando Carulli and more
  • Bach minuets and bourees, beautiful themes by Tchaikovsky, Debussy, Erik Satie, and Agustín Barrios 

Wether you're the simple Canario by Carlo Calvi or diving into the rapid-fire arpeggios of Barrios' Las Abejas, my classical guitar tablature collection will give you a lot to bite into, whatever musical mood you're in!


Solo Jazz and Bossa Nova Arrangements

Work on your chord melody playing with approachable solo jazz arrangements ranging from the simple to the complex, from Miles Davis and Antonio Carlos Jobim to old-timey standards like Moonglow and Chet Atkins-style Travis picking solos.

  • Standards from early jazz to swing and bossa nova
  • Block chord solos, melodic ballads, Travis picking arrangements and more
  • Pieces that explore the guitar fretboard and pieces that stay in the first position for less experienced players

Including jazz chord melodies is great way to diversify your repertoire and a lot of jazz chords themselves are terrific dexterity development for the left hand – add some extra flavor in your performances by adding some of these jazz solos! 


Tango, Bossa Nova, Choro, Bolero and more!

I discovered long ago that playing nylon string guitar is can be so much more than stuffy classical pieces. The music of Latin and South America offers us the perfect opportunity to use Spanish guitar techniques like rasgueo and picado applied to incredibly VIBRANT and interesting music ranging from Brazilian choro to Argentine tango, Mexican boleros, samba, Venezuelan waltzes, rumbas and much more! 

You’ll be playing:

  • World famous Mexican boleros like Besame Mucho and Quizás, Quizás, Quizás
  • Lively Brazilian choros including Joao Pernambuco's Sons de Carrilhoes (The Sound of Bells), Brasileirinho and Divagando by Domingo Semenzato
  • South American waltzes from the unforgettable Pica Pica (Quiero Ser Tu Sombra) to the works of Antonio Lauro and Baden Powell
  • Beautiful tangos from the prototypical tangos La Paloma and Habanera from the Opera Carmen to the famous 20th century tangos La Cumparsita and Adios Muchachos

The music of Latin and South America is a universe unto itself, blending European sensibilities with indigenous concepts and African rhythms for truly unique and fun-to-play music! 


Actual Flamenco Solos from the Masters

Get ready for the "real thing" as you dive in to some of the most challenging but rewarding traditional and modern flamenco solo guitar compositions.  

  • Traditional flamenco solos from old school artists like Sabicas and Niño Ricardo
  • Fun-to-play rumbas by Juan Serrano, Juan Martin, and me!
  • Classic didactic pieces from the great Paco Peña
  • Modern flamenco compositions by the revolutionary Paco de Lucia and artists like Moraito and Vicente Amigo

I believe that you should have at least one magnus opus-level flamenco piece at the ready for each of the major flamenco forms. A farruca by Sabicas, a Guajiras by Paco de Lucia, etc. will test your technique while maintaining your compás chops in every flamenco form.


Folk Music From Around The World Including Travis Picking Favorites

If the term "folk music" turns you off, you've got the wrong idea about folk music! Every culture past and present has its own folk music and these can be as variend as heavey metal is from American folk music. In this guitar tab subcategory we'll be looking at music from all over the globe:

  • Russian folk songs and gypsy songs like "Tumbalalaika" and "Two Guitars" 
  • American folk music classics like "Amazing Grace" and "Aura Lee"
  • Folk songs from Mexico, Europe and more like "Las Mañanitas," "Irish Washerwoman" and "Scarborough Fair" arranged in chord melody style
  • Holiday songs like "Silent Night" and "We Three Kings"
  • More contemporary folk songs arranged for solo guitar made famous by 20th century artisits like Johnny Cash, Cat Stevens and Bob Dylan

We are leaving no stone unturned in our exploration of music for the guitar. There is no style you can't play as a solo fingerstyle guitarist!


The Building Blocks of Flamenco 

Flamenco is a very resourceful and interchangeable musical form in that it is made up of elements that can be swapped out for others, rearranged, and reinterpreted to suit different situations and different players. In this section I compile the most important elements of flamenco guitar playing in bite-size chunks so that you can hone in on and develop your flamenco skills strategically:

  • The "llamada" of forms like Alegrías and Soleá
  • Compás exercises for many flamenco forms like Tangos, Soleá por Bulería, Alegrías, Colombianas, Rumba, Guajira and more
  • Falsetas for vairous flamenco forms that you can mix and match to make your own composition

This ever-growing database of flamenco essentials is your hub for discovering, learning and developing the most essential building blocks of flamenco guitar.


A Manouche Guitar Catalog 

In a jazz setting, what we most often are working with is a "lead sheet" which gives us *all we need to know* to perform the song: the melody and the chords. This can be the springboard for improvisations and more complicate arrangements. In this lead sheet collection, you'll have:

  • Some of the most iconic gypsy jazz songs ever - some written by Django Reinhardt himself - like "Djangology," "Minor Swing," and "Swing Gitane"
  • Jazz standards from outside the gypsy jazz world like "All of Me" and "The Girl from Ipanema"
  • Songs from further afield that gypsy jazz guitarists are now playing like boleros, bossas, and songs that use the "gypsy bossa" rhythm like "Bossa Dorado" and "For Sephora"

A book of lead sheets (or a "fake book") is indispensible for any jazz or gypsy jazz guitarist. This collection is your fake book that shows you what you should be playing and when!


Popular Songs Arranged for Solo Guitar 

So many of my members first learned of me by seeing my solo nylon string guitar arrangements on YouTube. In this section of my Guitar Tab Treasure Trove I collect the arrangements I've made into one spot where you can get super well-notated versions of these along with multimedia guidance for playing these. I'm always working on making chord melody arrangements like:

  • Songs suitable for wedding guitarists like "Can't Help Falling in Love" and Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" 
  • Songs from the 1960's and 70's arranged for solo guitar with melody and accompaniment in one arrangement like "El Paso" and "Leaving on a Jet Plane"
  • Classic rock riffs like "Roxanne," "Stairway to Heaven" and "Blackbird" arranged for nylon string solo guitar
  • Beautiful and timeless songs that I love like "Sleepwalk," "Wicked Game" and "Free Fallin'" and more

Because it's so unexpected, playing popular songs in a nylon string, Spanish guitar way can really set you apart as a guitarist!


The Most Iconic and Engaging Musical Themes

Some of the coolest and most intriguing music ever written was composed for films, from the anthemic melodies of John Williams to creepy, moody tone poems like the theme from "Halloween" and "Hedwig's Theme" from the Harry Potter movies. 

  • Songs from the spy genre like Third Man and James Bond themes
  • Some the most famous and catchy melodies ever 

Movie music can be some of the best music ever because its very often trying only to evoke a mood, rather than conforming to a formula or structure - and that allows the composer to capitalize fully on a brief but compelling riff.

This Collection of Guitar Sheet Music Is For You If...

  • You need quality solo guitar tabs from a trusted source 
  • You're a Fingerstyle, Classical, Flamenco, or Latin jazz guitarist who is looking for new music to add to your repertoire 
  • You aren't a strong sightreader or cannot read music, and you need a play-along video to guide you
  • You want to have a solid repertoire of solo guitar pieces

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My first teacher introduced me to all kinds of guitar styles, from rock and jazz to classical and flamenco, and it wasn't long before I was performing for flamenco dancers and teaching my own guitar students by age 17. In my ongoing career as a performing musician and educator I have played countless gigs and taught thousands of students in person, online, and through YouTube tutorials.

Over the years I've encountered an incredibly broad range of students with diverse learning styles and interests, and decided to take my experience with anticipating the problems and pitfalls students are likely to have when learning certain materials, as well as the learning materials and methods I've developed, and fashion them into a suite of courses that will be both accessible and challenging to guitar students of all levels.

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