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Hi, I'm Scot Taber

I started playing guitar at age 12 after my best friend brought home an electric guitar. At that point I had somehow assumed that "regular people" weren't allowed to play the guitar - that it was something "people on TV" did. I had studied the trumpet and piano and so was already a musician in a sense, but it wasn't until I picked up a guitar that I truly found my calling.

My first teacher introduced me to all kinds of guitar styles, from rock and jazz to classical and flamenco. It wasn't long before I was performing for flamenco dancers and teaching my own guitar students by age 17. In my ongoing career as a performing musician and educator, I have played countless gigs and taught thousands of students in person, online, and through YouTube tutorials.

Over the years I've coached a broad range of students with diverse learning styles and interests, and in the process founded the thriving music education studio Paper Moon Music. I'm now I'm taking my experience online to share my expertise with guitarists from around the globe.

I know the problems and pitfalls you're likely to have when playing guitar, and with the learning materials and teaching methods I've developed, I'm confident I can help you be the player you want to be. I strive to create guitar courses, tutorials, and sheet music that will be accessible yet challenging - and above all, fun and exciting - to guitar students of all levels.

Jim Graham

"Scot's teaching methods are easy to understand and very effective... it’s like taking studio lessons multiple times a week!"

Ben Sullins

"Scot's knowledge and skill with a guitar are unparalleled. As a coach he has helped guide me towards a greater understanding of music in general as well as getting me able to play some of my favorite classical and flamenco jams."