Hello, I'm Scot Taber. 


I've always loved the nylon string guitar, but I struggled to keep my students and myself motivated with every song I played. Everything changed when I realized that I could incorporate music from all over the world into the classical/fingerstyle way of playing. Truly the entire universe of music is at our fingertips.

My Story


From rock and jazz to classical and flamenco, I studied every style I could as a teenager - setting off a long journey as a professional guitarist, teacher and performer. Committed to music education, I founded a successful and thriving music school in San Diego, and now I'm sharing what I know and helping others get the most out of the guitar through online courses, tutorials and virtual classes.


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The History of the Nylon String Guitar

The nylon string guitar (most simply call it the classical guitar) has a long and storied history, with roots dating back to the Renaissance period in Europe.

Playing Gypsy Jazz on Solo Fingerstyle Guitar

Gypsy jazz guitar is one of the most exciting styles to play for Guitarist at any level. That characteristic "la pompe" rhythm coupled with beautiful melodic phrases often incorporating "gypsy" elements like the harmonic minor scale... 

The 3 Best Guitar Rumbas to Learn

Get some essential rumba guidance as I show you the top three rumba solos every student of Spanish guitar MUST KNOW! These are self-contained solo guitar arrangements with the chords and melody interwoven... 

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