ALLEGRO by Mauro Giuliani -

Learn to Correctly Play a MUST-KNOW Classical Guitar Study by One of the Masters

A step-by-step mini course filled with quality technique tips, preparatory drills, play-along videos, and fully-notated guitar tabs!


22 Video Lessons and Multimedia Practice Play-Along Videos in this Course

An 8-Module Course Complete with Practice Aids and A Quiz!

Classical guitar studies are not just for classical guitarists! Any guitarist who plays with their fingers in any style will benefit from learning Allegro - a "tried and true" guitar study composed by Mauro Giuliani, one of history's great guitar educators. Your ability to correctly play this piece will open up new frontiers in your playing! Whether you're just getting into classical guitar or are already an experienced fingerstyle player, my technique tips for the right and left hand and measure-by-measure guidance in this course will set you on the right path. Complete with PDF's, play-along practice videos and a quiz to test your learning!

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Fully notated with fingerings and helpful indicators

Full PDF in guitar tablature and standard notation.

Lesson Tutorial Videos 

Step-by-step guidance on how to play this classical guitar study, from how to achieve the essential concept of "planting" to how best to efficiently use your left hand.

15 Play-Along Practice Videos at Multiple Tempos 

Hone your Allegro skills by playing along to scrolling tablature videos, with tempos ranging from 60 bpm to 160 bpm. Includes built-in metronome to ensure you're playing the right thing at the right time!

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Allegro: An Essential Classical Guitar Study

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