Norwegian Wood For Solo Guitar

Learn to play an easy strumming-driven solo arrangement of a classic Beatles song. 

A Simple Arrangement That Captures The Melody And The Unique Strumming Groove Of Norwegian Wood

Includes full tutorial, full 2-page sheet music PDF in guitar tablature and standard notation, and play-along practice video. Get guidance from an experienced and trusted instructor and start playing one of the most recognizable Beatles songs!

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Fully notated with fingerings and helpful indicators

Full 2-page PDF in guitar tablature and standard notation.

Lesson Tutorial Video 

Step-by-step guidance on how to play this solo guitar arrangement, from how to count a rhythm in 6/8 time to how to smoothly transition between chords.

Play-Along Practice Video 

Hone your skills by playing along to a scrolling tablature video of Norwegian Wood to ensure you're playing the right thing at the right time!

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Norwegian Wood For Solo Guitar

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